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Why do I associate blackberries with spiders?  I don’t like them, but then I don’t like spiders either.  My childhood memories of blackberry picking usually involve huge spiders abseiling around the tangled brambles of the blackberries, thus putting me off eating them and forever associating their purple juiciness with creepy spiders. 

How does this relate to me or moo or indeed my day?  Well, to say we had a shit day is an understatement!  It was super shit.  Morning nap out the window, I have no idea what was wrong with her, but she sobbed and sobbed.  I lost it with her in the end and yelled because I felt like shit and needed some ‘time out’.  I left her sobbing and went to clear my head, picked up ‘Why Love Matters’ and felt like a failure as a mother and went to sort her out.  Gave her big hugs and brought her downstairs, giving up the nap and all thoughts of being shit and the long-term damage, which according to the book is possible!!!  I’ll read it properly before I give a factual synopsis.

Hey ho.  Lunch went ok, then much eye-rubbing, so attempted second nap.  Cue tears and much unhappiness.  Hmmmm.  Managed to convince her to nap in the end, but she woke after an hour sobbing and not quite hot, but warmer than usual.  So, decided we’d go for a mooch out and about to break up the afternoon.  Hurrah, good idea….happy baby, even happier and less stressed mummy.

Mooched into cafe for coffee and cake.  Moo points at cake…’tea’, no Millie, not tea, cake.  Much merriment in the cafe and thankfully no cake eating.  She did, however, manage to lean forward and do the most enormous fart then spent ten minutes going bright red straining for a poo.  I tried to ignore her, but it wasn’t easy.  Hastily finished coffee and sneaked out. 

On the way home Moo did her usual ‘touch’ and held out her hand to touch various things..’wall’ – sounds more like ‘waaaaar’, ‘tree’ and then ‘tea’.  Tea???  Ohhhhh, berries!  She had spied the blackberries.  Little monkey.  So, I then had to carefully examine the blackberry bush for sneaky spiders eagerly waiting to pounce on me when I nicked their berries.  She loved them of course and kept saying ‘berry’, I can’t say what she says exactly, but she means berry. 

The worst part though was coming through the highly decorative underpass!  It’s like a scene from your worst spider nightmare.  There were tons, all creepy crawling around the lights, pretending to spin webs when really they’re eyeing up your hair.   I showed them to Moo, who thankfully wasn’t interested.  Bizarrely, a man in a suit then said hello in a ‘happy, clappy’ Christian kind of way, gave me the shivers more than the spiders!!!

Glad to get home to get tea!  Funnily, if I call Moo for tea she comes crawling in all ready for her feast.  She ate tons tonight, Moroccan chicken, scooped in as if she hadn’t been fed all day.  More tears and nurofen at bed, prophylactic as something’s up and it isn’t teeth coz she goes off food and has crappy nappies.  All peaceful now, although a rather frustrating call from my MOTHER pissed me right off and sent me straight here to witter inanely about our day.

Posted by: tolizbeebrown | August 11, 2009

Scary biscuits….here we go!

Well, this is a whole new concept for me…. not wittering on about what me and moo have been up to in the course of our day, but writing about it on something that only marginally resembles a forum.

Just for tonight I’ll leave it at hello.

Tomorrow of course may bring something new and exciting, we can but dream x